Our Client Testimonials

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Barry S - Neck and Shoulder Pain

"Abigail’s expert and professional massage work, along with her advice about stretching, helped me reduce neck and shoulder pain, so that I could get back to rowing - and all my other daily activities."


Milt G - Chronic Lower Back Pain

“Abigail was excellent. This is clearly a therapeutic massage. She is extremely competent and helpful”

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Cate C - Cranial, Neck Pain

I was experiencing shooting pain up the back of my neck into my head. I hadn't slept in several days, and normal activity was impossible...after one visit with Abigail, 80% of my pain was gone. Her caring and focused knowledge of the body, along with her commitment to integrating massage into Western Medicine makes her my partner of choice for all my patients.


Mandy T - Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Stress (hand and fingers)

Abigail is amazing. I would recommend to all my clients and friends . She is knowledgeable of anatomy and pain, and is skillful in finding the knots, trigger points and making them less!! I've been going to her for almost awhile, and In the past I had severe pain in my neck, arms, hands and fingers due to my profession. Since I'm Always using my hands, the doctor’s said I had carpal tunnel, but with consistent massage and self-care maintenance with Abigail she has helped the pain tremendously .

“Abigail was one of the most (if not the most) knowledgeable therapists I've ever encountered (and I've had many). Her understanding of anatomy and physiology enabled her to get a really good grasp of what was causing my pain and effectively address it. I was interested so she was willing to share. She also showed me some follow up stretches and things to do to prevent a recurrence. I highly recommend her.”

~Ellen C - Sport Cyclist

Abigail was waiting for me when I reached and was prompt in starting the session. She asked me about my problem and immediately got to work. Best part was she explained everything to me - why I was getting the pain! And by the then of the session my pain was gone! It was like magic! Highly recommend anyone with acute or chronic pain.”

~Subhomay D - Marathon Runner

“I got a gift certificate for the holidays. About two weeks before a physically challenging trip I had serious neck, shoulder, groin and other issues. I made an appt. hoping to get any relief. Abigail was amazing ! This was not a soft relaxing experience , but an believably therapeutic one. I went to her 3 times and by the time I left I was pain free and able to walk and climb hills 4-8 hours a day ! Obviously, I highly recommend her.”

~Judy G - Shoulder and Neck Pain

“Great service. Robin provided an amazing foot reflexology massage. I totally can recommend that place.”

~Ulrica E - Long Distance Road Racer

That was the best massage I’ve ever had - Courtney is amazing! Super personalized and exceeded my expectations.”

~Christina C - Office Worker

“Abigail was awesome- she worked the right muscles in the right way. She taught me some great tools to help my shoulder and hip issues at home. Will go back to her for sure! Thank you!

~Alpa A - Long Distance Runner

“This was the 2nd time going to them. She is fantastic, very knowledgeable!”

~Aliana K - Competitive Volleyball Player and Physician

“I’m so happy that I found Abigail at Koda! I have been going from one person to the next to figure out what was the cause of my pain issues and in a short while she had everything pinned down for me. Now I see the errors of my ways of not warming up and down after exercise and how heating muscles and pressure at trigger points relieves the pain. She is a master of the body and is wonderful.”

~Diane M - Grandmother and Long Distance Cyclist

“Abigail is a very knowledgeable and skillful professional. She understood my problem right away and provided me with an excellent service. I am planning to see her again. I would recommend her to everybody.”

~Natasha V - Grandmother and Whiplash Sufferer

“Great work by Abigail, very thorough and knowledgeable. Comfortable setting as well.”

~Curt F - Grade School Teacher

“Easily the best experience I’ve had with massage in the bay! I have autoimmune issues along with muscle weaknesses and joint pain, and Abigail helped me work through it. She’s incredibly attentive and caring, and spent a good amount of time sharing her insights and expertise. It was like a PT/sports therapy, wellness, and massage session all in one. I highly recommend her!”

~Rania M - Mother of three

“Great sports massage by Abigail.”

~Vishal K -

“Just amazing!”

~Sudha I - Network Executive, Whiplash Sufferer

“What a great massage. Abigail massage space is quiet, professional and comfortable. My hour session delt with my locked up shoulders. What a relief. Didnt go to deep and not to soft. Her accreditations shows that she is passionate about her work. She is a massage therapist that pays attention to what is needed. I look forward to returning.”

~Mike S -

“Great massage, went in with pain but now completely resolved.”

~Valerie V

“I had a 90 minute Deep Tissue massage with Courtney that was amazing. She was personable, strong, and communicative about pressure and comfort levels. The place itself isn't fancy, but the massage was one of the best I've had. Will definitely go back!”

~Tasmeen V

“The booking experience was not easy to figure out, but the actual massage was great. Worth recommending!”

~Katherine W

“Learned a lot about my body and the types of treatments I need to stay active... more importantly the recovery methods I need in order to perform at optimal levels!”

~David H -

“This was the best experience ever! I had terrible pains in my hip and shoulders. After a brief consultation, Abigail knew where to massage to relax those muscles, and gave me a great advice about making time in the day to take a walk and start using a form roller. Ever since, I have been doing just that in addition to her massages. For me, this was life changing! Thanks, Abigail!”

~Min J

“Abigail is so knowledeable — highly recommend”

~Claire P