Abigail has a focus on pain management and rehabilitative client care. Her clients include professional dancer's from ABT, San Francisco 49'er players, Collegiate and National athletes from around the Bay Area. Her skills specific with headaches, spine and hip tension through targeted sessions has won much loyalty. Her customized sessions include Neuromuscular Massage, Active Release Techniques (ART),  Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release can get to the root cause of any issue. The Fascial Stretch therapy that she use to enhance performance and Range of Motion for athletes has astounding results. Her referral network includes Physical Therapists from PAMF and Stanford Medicine, El Camino hospital and UCSF.  Her Clinical Deep Tissue support can be invaluable when looking to leverage ongoing injury recovery.  She is also actively involved in self-care follow up through stretching , foam rolling and trigger point self-care. She is currently publishing her first book - look for it September 2018.

 Abigail Howe, Managing Director: BCMTB NMT CMT ART

Abigail Howe, Managing Director: BCMTB NMT CMT ART

Edgar V (Sal) is a  CAMTC  certified massage therapist with over 10 years of experience. His special brand of deep tissue work is as effective as it is relaxing!  His techniques include  Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy , as well as Swedish and Deep Tissue relaxation massage. He is an expert at correcting functional muscle pain and issues resulting from intense workouts.

Laura Katherine is a CAMTC certified therapist who focus on movement and pain management has been certified in Trigger Point/Myofascial Pain Syndrome for over three years. She has been involved in natural health and wellness and is an expert in balancing the body through Accupressure, Reiki and Thai Stretching.

Courtney H has fingers that will put anyone to sleep. She has a passion for clinical deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and relaxation massage. She has a devoted following of chair-massage corporate clients, and she also specializes in hands and feet.  She focuses on balancing and restoring vital body function through the use of  CBD in pain management as well as Reiki. Her techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Clinical Deep Tissue, Thai and Sports stretching, as well as Energy Work. She is an expert at correcting functional muscle pain and issues resulting from injury, surgery and postural challenges.

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