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Abigail has a focus on pain management and rehabilitative client care. Her clients include professional dancer's from ABT, San Francisco 49'er players and SF Giants, Santa Cruz Warriors, Collegiate and National athletes from around the Bay Area. Her skills specific with headaches, spine and hip tension through targeted sessions has won much loyalty. Her customized sessions include Neuromuscular Massage, Active Release Techniques (ART),  Active Isolated Stretching (AiS), Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release can get to the root cause of any issue. The Fascial Stretch Therapy that she use to enhance performance and Range of Motion for athletes has astounding results.

Her referral network includes Physical Therapists from PAMF and Stanford Medicine, El Camino hospital and UCSF.  Her Clinical Deep Tissue support can be invaluable when looking to leverage ongoing injury recovery.  She is also actively involved in self-care follow up through stretching , foam rolling and trigger point self-care. She is currently publishing her book on stretching - look for it May 2019 - Neurostretch for Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction. She is also busy with her lecture series - Natural Pain Management Techniques for Recovery and Repetitive Stress. It includes segments on Plantar Fasciitis, Sicatica and Lower Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel and Migraines.

Abigail Howe, Managing Director: BCMTB CNMT ART

Estel Pereira is a CAMTC certified therapist who focus on movement and pain management has been certified in CranoSacral and Lymphatics. As well as an advanced Oncology Massage therapist, she is an expert in Pain Management and has been working for over twelve years to help her clients become and remain pain free. She is also invaluable as a state-of-the-art Pre/Peri-natal therapist for pregnancy massage.

My approach is, “to provide a deep relaxation in massage to allow my clients the opportunity and safety to just let go and be with themselves."“ I combine Swedish massage, Structural Work, and Neuro-Massage through this foundation. to address each client’s desires to be more pain free, to ease the tightness in the neck, back and hips. I try to incorporate energy work at every level. Of central importance to me is that the client experience a balancing relief of pain that leads to healing. Every day I am inspired with this profound work.

For 20 years I have been deeply committed to the art of archery. I shoot a ‘hand-made’ native American bow made in the Osage nation style, and I read, paint, play a variety of video games.

Estel Pereira, CMT

Robin Varga, As a Reflexology practitioner Robin offers the best way to experience the wonders of Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology. Whether for therapeutic purposes or just for relaxation and stress relief, Robin offers you, the client, the absolute best in Reflexology services.

Robin offers Reflexology in the private setting, or in the corporate workplace. Her experience offers a wealth of exceptional reflexology unmatched in the field, in every setting.

Organizations can arrange to have corporate services provided to their employees onsite, either on a regular basis or as a once in a while benefit, by contacting Koda and asking for Robin.

Robin has also been certified to teach Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology through the American Academy of Reflexology and Bill Flocco. She has been teaching at several Massage Therapy schools in the greater Bay Area since 1995, including the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork, Healing Arts Institute in Citrus Heights CA and the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis CA.

Robin Varga, CMT

Robin Varga, CMT

 Bill Olsen encountered the Alexander Technique while I was a student at Williams College.  I was immediately struck by the both subtle and far reaching effects the Technique had on me.  Since that time, I have employed it in all my creative endeavors (as an actor, director, videographer and juggler) and my every day life. As an expert in movement therapy, he can help retrain the body to achieve the grace, ease and poise that has been missing - and may lead to repetitive stress and painful movement.

He has now been involved with the Technique for over twenty-five years, and has worked with hundreds of people to bring them fuller awareness of how they use themselves and how they can better take care of themselves.  He has been a certified teacher and member of AmSAT since 2001.  

He has published several articles and shares many interesting facets of his work…which you can read here.



Bill Olson, M.AmSAT

Bill Olson, M.AmSAT

Courtney Hughes offers the best way to experience the wonders of Orthopedic and Pain Management techniques for the whole body. Whether for therapeutic purposes or just for relaxation and stress relief, Courtney offers you, the client, the absolute best in Advanced Bodywork services.

Courtney offers Deep Tissue, Clinical Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy and Pain Management in the private setting, or in the corporate workplace. Courtney offers a wealth of experience in the field, in every setting.

She completed her core education with Swedish and Shiatsu in 2015, and continued to the advanced level for Trigger Point and Clinical Deep tissue, which included the integration of Orthopedic testing and pain Management. Upon completion, Courtney's love affair with Integrative medicine was launched.

She has maintained her full time Neuromuscular Massage practice through the years at various Day Spas like Burke Williams. She has also included Corporate Bodywork to her resume since 2015 working for several small businesses throughout the years.

Courtney Hughes, CMT CNMT ART

Courtney Hughes, CMT CNMT ART

John Clair offers a personalized therapeutic experience utilizing Advanced Neuromuscular techniques in dealing with Orthopedic and Pain Management Challenges. He incorporates Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu therapy modalities for the whole body. Whether for therapeutic purposes or just for sports recovery and stress relief, John offers you, the client, the absolute best in Advanced Bodywork services.

John’s experience in Pain Management includes experience with College Track & Field athletes throughout the SF Bay Area - clients with have come to him throughout the recovery process, or on-site in the corporate workplace suffering from repetitive stress symptoms. He also includes Corporate Bodywork through Silicon Valley Athletics clubs and working with Stanford Athletics Center

John completed his certification at National Holistic Institute where he studied both Swedish and Shiatsu, and then complete the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy education for Trigger Point therapy. He appreciated the integration of Orthopedic testing and Pain Management techniques. Upon completion, John's love for the continued study and practice of Kinesiotherapy for movement was launched.

John Clair, CMT NMT

John Clair, CMT NMT