Kinesiotherapy and Pain Management



It all started when...

I couldn't get out of my car after commuting to class, and three chiropractic appointments, 2 massage and a Trigger Point therapy session later - I was convinced try a Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR) technique  in a session with a friend.  They used  the muscle testing and neurological challenges  process to reset the proprioceptive dysfunctions by simply using  this 'stretch' throughout the body.

By looking at  dysfunctions in general as different groups (structural, nutritional, emotional, electrical) , the therapist can start out and assess a faulty neurological signaling patterns in the Nervous System (NS) before they become physical problems. The physical body cannot be healthy unless the Nervous System (NS) is functional. 

What Is P-DTR® And What Does It Do?

PDTR® is not pain management. It doesn't manage pain, it simply eliminates it in a two part process - - it  corrects dysfunction in muscles, ligamentsor tendons AND disrupts the pain signal from the brain. 

This is successful, because it sends a new message to the nerve endings via different stimuli, such as rubbing or tapping. (See below how a typical session works).  This treatment may seem strange in the grand scheme of traditional medicine, but it provides a new code to the brain that says: "Everything is ok now.  

You can stop with the pain and the signal for correction". You have probably unconsciously provided a message like this to the brain yourself in the past - A good example is rubbing your stomach when you have a belly ache).

Excellent for trauma, injury, pain, scar tissue, emotional dysfunctions, muscles dysfunctions, reoccurring problems, chronic issues, etc.



We offer classes in stretching for health providers, families and self-care. This classes include PNF (physical therapy based), AIS (strength and conditioning based)  and ART (deep tissue therapy) techniques.

Neuro- stretch is an effective combination of muscle release and active stretching.  This is a combination of myofascial release techniques, including self-care work with foam rollers, trigger point balls and ‘individual’ stretches and the assisted stretches used by many of the top Olympic and professional athletes and Physical Therapists called AiS (Active Isolated Stretching) and ART (Active Release Techniques) to create significant improvements in increased length and an expanded range of motion. By combining the focus on functional groups of muscles, and releasing the constriction or adhesion, there is a superior result to any stretch technique we’ve seen.

Stretching in a comprehensive way produce remarkable flexibility, pliability and increased range of motion which protects against injuries and often reverses chronic pain and age related issues.

* Can be added on to massage  for $50 for 20 minutes

* Individual Classes start at $80 per hour; Group classes are $60 per hour for a minimum of 4 people.