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Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners for Recovery and Performance

Our Philosophy


Pain Management Therapy

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Integrative massage therapy can be many different things to different people.  For some it is about relaxation, it can be very expensive or inexpensive,  and some assume that it is necessary to take care of their body. Our concept is to offer ‘customized wellness’ and therapeutic massage to active customers. Our talented staff of therapists and whole body wellness products offer integrative health care for a wide base of customers: physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture, fitness training in addition to pre­natal/perinatal and fertility support. 

Our Philosophy

We have over 24 years experience serving patients and families in the San Francisco bay area. All therapists have advanced board certification in a specialty area - as well as general skills.

Personal Attention

We treat every patient as an individual with unique needs, and you’ll always see certified therapist.

Quick Appointments

Pain deserves immediate attention and we don’t like you to wait around.
Experience efficient, thoughtful treatment. No long wait times here. We book out 2-3 days in advance, so walk-in appointments are rare.

Focused Care

Our staff is thoroughly trained and personally dedicated to providing you with everything you need for a successful treatment, pain reduction and rapid recovery. We work directly with insurance and medical providers.

Patient Education

We want you to be fully informed about your condition and recovery options so that you can make a decision about the best treatment for you.

First Class Facility

Experience a safe, clean, comfortable and comprehensive clinic that offers a full range of diagnostic, treatment and recovery assessments.