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The essence of Structural Integration is the dynamic tonal balance between the surface of the body, the body’s core and gravitational pull. The nature a ‘Core,’ has long been debated among Structural Integrationists.

Structural Integration (SI), as defined by Rolfing®, is distinguished from other disciplines by the primary attention it pays to the impact of gravity on the body. Other manual therapy techniques and systems seek to balance the ‘tone’ of muscles, posture and energy balance with emotional balance. While SI attends to all of these, its primary goal is to alter the structure of the human movement, so that instead of the body fighting gravity, one can use gravity as an energy source. Client also report feeling physically uplifted. This lift is due to the client’s new relationship to gravity. Once that lift has been felt, no other state will do.

While the results of SI are long lasting, injury, illness or misuse can reduce the effects. Tune-up sessions, either after stressful events or at 6- to 24-month intervals as preventive maintenance, maintain that graceful and balance with gravitational forces.

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